Kristina has over 10 years of experience working as an aqua fitness coach. She is an EOK certified aqua fitness coach (Level I), is certified by the international AEA (Aquatic Exercise Association USA) and has a coach’s certificate from the Sunny Oman Gymstick H20.

In addition to her work as a coach, she also works as a make-up artist and, in her spare time, cooks and travels.

She also has a powerful motto: “Sweat is fat crying!”


Helena has been a coach for more than 10 years. She also holds a master’s degree in Economics and Business. As a child, she was involved in gymnastics and other different sports, out of which grew the interest in working as a professional coach. She holds an EOK category II certificate as an aqua fitness coach and aerobics group trainer, and constantly attends various supplementary courses.

Her motto: “With a strong desire, nothing is impossible.”


Grete has graduated from Tartu Health Care College with a degree in physiotherapy and has been working as a coach for over 5 years.

Her favourites include intense aqua training and deep core workouts that motivate you to properly exercise your body and mind simultaneously, while also providing enjoyment and a guaranteed good mood! Grete is guided by the idea that a workout should always be interesting and that everyone can find something new for themselves out of it.


Lenne likes sports and exercise. She cannot imagine her life without it. She is happy when the people coming to her workouts do not only gain a better physical form but also a happier mind from it. She has, for a longer period of time, also been active in skiing and show dance. She has graduated from Tallinn Medical School in Occupational Therapy and Tallinn Pedagogical University in Recreation Management. Coaching experience since 2001.

She has EOK Aqua Fitness Coach EKR level V licence, AEA Aquatic Fitness Certification, Les Mills BodyBalance and Yoga Dance teacher’s certificate, Yoga Therapy Certificate. She has completed various aqua fitness training courses and workshops in Estonia and abroad (Italy, Russia, Finland).


Woman like an orchestra. With her positive energy, she brings a lot of joy to everyone taking part in the workouts. She cracks jokes with her sweet radio voice; however, humour goes hand in hand with professional rigour. A good mood is guaranteed! Aqua fitness coach since spring of 2018.

EELV Gymnastics Coach Certificate (EKR 3, Gymnastics Coach (Acro training)) (2016), Zumba Basic Steps 1 (12/2016), Les Mills Body Balance (09/2017), TRX STC (03/2018), Aqua Aerobics Basic Course (04/2018), Fitness, Bodybuilding and Gym Instructor (Ben Weider College of Bodybuilding and Fitness, Russia) (08/2018).


Since childhood, Riina has been active in sports, including athletics and ball games. She has graduated in Physical Education from Tallinn University and received a certificate from the largest internationally recognized organization, AEA (Aquatic Exercise Association), and has partaken in several additional training courses. On a daily basis, Riina works as a physical education teacher in a kindergarten. It is her great passion and hobby to instruct aqua fitness and Suppama HIIT workouts as these fit in very well with her lifestyle. When conducting workouts, she bases them on three thigs: being fun, effective and versatile.


Lauri is our Master of All Trades. Having graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical University, he was among the best Estonian athletes in both 400m and 400m hurdles for 10 years. As a member of the Estonian national team, he repeatedly defended the honour of his country both in the Baltic Cup and in the First League of the European Cup. After saying goodbye to more professional sports, Lauri has worked as a journalist and coach, training both youngsters and adults. He has put himself to the test as athletics, swimming and general fitness coach for track and field athletes, basketball and football players as well as tennis players. He has worked with children in Estonia, Austria, Germany and Canada. Lauri holds the qualification of EOK Athletics Coach and has improved his knowledge in completing courses of classical massage, back massage and manual therapy in the M.I. Massage School.

Lauri’s workouts are based on the principle that everything starts from the foundation. When the deep core muscles are weak, the body becomes fatigued faster and, regardless of the sport, both the performance technique and the end result will suffer. By its nature, a good workout is versatile and varied, and there is only one machine you can use to keep yourself fit.