Treatments for pleasant experience:

Massage helps to relieve muscle tension, improve muscle elasticity and increase the supply of oxygen to the muscles. It is relaxing for both mental and physical stress.

Not recommended for pregnant women.

The sports massage is carried out with a higher level of force in comparison to the classical massage. To relieve and prevent joint tension, more stretching and joint mobility techniques are used.

Not recommended for pregnant women.

Aromatherapy creates a balance between body, mind and spirit. The massage uses essential oils that are absorbed through the skin and respiratory system. 

Aroma massage moves are slow and gentle. It alleviates mental tension, relieves stress and relaxes muscles. Good feeling guaranteed.

Not recommended for pregnant women.

The lava stone massage is a deeply relaxing procedure using hot lava stones and special oil blends. It is a Chinese treatment that dates back thousands of years. During the procedure, pre-heated lava stones are placed on the energy points of the body and left there for a good few minutes. This is followed by a massage with body oil containing rose and almond oil.

Not recommended for pregnant women.

The sensual chocolate massage has a slightly exfoliating effect. The seductive aroma of chocolate combined with a gentle touch creates a rich atmosphere – a real treat! Cocoa stimulates the production of endorphins (the “happy” molecules) and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. This massage is suitable for anyone who wants to pamper their body and mind. A relaxed state of mind and well-being is guaranteed!

The treatment involves exfoliating the body with a body scrub containing shea butter and sugar. It removes dead skin cells while moisturising and softening the skin. Shea butter is rich in fatty acids and other valuable nutrients (vitamins A, E, F), making it unique. In addition to its moisturising properties, shea butter also has anti-inflammatory properties. The peeling is followed by a relaxing 30-minute massage.

NB! We recommend to schedule the treatment at the end of your spa visit.

The treatment involves exfoliating the body with a body scrub containing grapefruit essential oils. This is followed by a relaxing massage to relieve mental and physical stress. You can also choose between a sugar body scrub and a Dead Sea salt body scrub.

  • Body scrub with sugar: Sugar has a number of properties that make exfoliation more effective. It also contains acid, which removes dirt and dead skin cells that can clog pores.
  • Dead Sea salt body scrub: The minerals in Dead Sea salt have several therapeutic effects. (For example, they slow down the skin’s ageing process, relieve stress and tension, balance the skin’s moisture levels and stimulate circulation. They also act as soothing antiseptics and have anti-allergic properties.) NB! We recommend to schedule the treatment at the end of your spa visit.

The treatment involves exfoliating the feet with a shea butter scrub. This removes dead skin cells, moisturises and softens the skin. The exfoliation is followed by a foot massage to reduce swelling and improve circulation. The peppermint essential oil emulsion used in the treatment moisturises and soothes tired feet. Contraindications: pregnancy, menstruation, viral diseases, serious cardiovascular diseases, foot skin diseases, open wounds on the feet, tumours, alcohol intoxication.

Hilot massage is an authentic Philippine therapy method that follows natural principles and tailors treatments uniquely to each individual. During the treatment, problematic issues are found, and by affecting the right body points with the right force, the hilot masseur releases blocked energy channels with his healing hands, improves the body’s energetic balance, and improves total well-being.