Once upon a time, 12 mythical sauna-goers toddled around on our shores, united by the desire to build the most unique sauna sanctuary for all mankind. It was thought and discussed, but no action was taken.

As time passed, their knowledge was buried under the pine branches on the earth, where they remained for thousands of years. Until, on one sunny day, the adventurous Pine Grandpa found them again. The wise old man had also always dreamed of a lavish sauna centre where he could carry out exciting sauna rituals; of a centre that would combine the charm of the pine forest, the Estonians’ love of sauna and our ancient sauna traditions. Now, this centre is ready. Come and see what the 12 mythical saunas you can find at the Mustamäe Elamus Spa are like…

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A room reminiscent of the Gateway to Heaven, where relaxing clouds of steam create a mysterious milieu. At 100% humidity, warm steam opens up the pores and is relaxing. Heat accelerates the body's cleansing process by replacing the toxic substances with life elixir, a.k.a. clean water. The effects of the steam sauna on the body are greatest at 45-48 degrees Celsius. Once, while sitting in a cloud of steam, the Mythical Sauna Grandpa wondered, "Is there anything better in life than to float in the clouds?"

Skin is a person's largest organ and should be cared for gently. One of the best ways to do this is visiting a salt sauna – rubbing the skin with salt removes tired skin cells and the end result is silky smooth skin. Breathing in air enriched with salt crystals also boosts the blood circulation; this removes toxins from the body and produces a good night's sleep. Once, travelling along the coast of the ancient Dead Sea, the Sauna Grandpa urged his companions: "Come one, come all! Whether big or small! Quickly pamper your skin with salt."

Rivers have played an important role in the development of human life: the evolution of all prominent civilizations has begun on the banks of flowing waters, whether in the Ganges, the Nile, the Amazon or the Yangtze. In folklore, rivers symbolize the beginning of life, fertility and the passage of time. In the sauna of the "Mystical riverbed," you will feel simply fine. Without the hustle and bustle of everyday life, your thoughts get a clean and joyful complexion. The Mythical Sauna Grandpa was once pondering on the riverbank: "Take time to be by the river, time gives good advice."

Stepping into the juniper sauna you will feel like a powerful Saaremaa Viking. The juniper wood's essential aromas floating in the air will make you dream of the blonde mermaids of the Baltic Sea, the dusky summer nights, and will take you on a trip through ancient times. Juniper is an indispensable aid in strengthening the body's defences, alleviating chronic respiratory diseases and reducing the likelihood of influenza. Once, finding himself wandering, misguided, in a primordial juniper forest, the Mythical Sauna Grandpa said, "Inhale deeply and for a long time and let the juniper inside!"

The fragrances at the top of nature's hierarchy of aromas give your fantasies a boost and make your mind wander. First, to the springtime meadows of Estonia, then to the mysterious Orient, then... The multi-level Aroma sauna fills you with soothing scents. The aromas act like hard-working ants in your subconscious, boosting the immune and nervous systems and creating a bright mood. When building the sauna empire, the Mythical Sauna Grandpa said, "For everyone, their own empire. For me, this – the Aroma empire."

The burnt sauna is inspired by the historic Estonian smoke sauna. This is a dark space, the milieu of which, and every degree of its temperature will help us connect with the ancient sauna traditions of our ancestors, cleanse our minds of dark thoughts, and invigorate both our body and spirit. In the "twilight", you will partake in the ancient bathing practices of our ancestors. The Mythical Sauna Grandpa's folk wisdom for sauna-goers: "Whenever you see the sauna heater, throw water on it - it helps!"

In the hopes of finding a dream hive that includes a cosy sauna, a diligent bee once took off from a distant land. The birdie wandered the fields until she unexpectedly met with the Mythical Sauna Grandpa. Together, they built a wood-heated home sauna that was suitable for the bee as well. There, you can learn the basics of sauna whipping and feel the healing effects of the sauna honey. Walls made out of sweet honey, the honeycomb floor and a honeybee singing in your ear feel sweet like life itself. The Mythical Sauna Grandpa has also cheerfully said: "Indeed, life without sweet honey is truly bitter."

From the Land of the Rising Sun, a very special bathing place - the "Japanese geyser" - has mysteriously arrived at the sauna centre. A bathtub with 42°C medicinal water. An ideal source of enjoyment to help extinguish the cold from your bones in the humid Nordic climate at lightning speed. Dive into the geyser and discover the power of a daring samurai or an enchanting geisha from within. The Mythical Sauna Grandpa once shouted out to the bathers: "Come and soak your troubles away at the geyser!"

In the Sanctuary, a room where Ali Baba, together with his 40 robbers, can freely search for nirvana, you will experience the most special skills and wisdom of Sauna Grandpa. The sacred sauna rituals of a true Estonian are waiting for you in their pure primordial power. These rituals include a wild sauna whisking, a pint of fresh hops, and a bunch of memorable experiences. The mythical Sauna Grandpa once philosophized: "If you want to live worry-free, go to the sauna that gives you the courage to live!"

Having heard the legend of the Philosopher's stone, 9 brave adventurers once gathered to go out in search of this mighty stone. Days were spent climbing the Himalayan Mountains and nights were spent under the protective shade of spruce. Inspired by these experiences, the "Philosopher's stone" sauna was built and the grains of wisdom were carved into the walls. Seeing the creation of the Wisemen, the mythical Sauna Grandpa said, "Here, wisdom flows, for both big and small."