Aqua aerobics is a fun group exercise that takes place in water. It is an aerobic exercise. The intensive group workout, led by a trainer, includes running, jumping and strength exercises. Various aids are used. In this way, all of the muscle groups are activated.

Exercising in water is suitable for everyone, as the state of weightlessness reduces weight and relieves stress on the joints. Everyone is welcome – young and old, men and women. The training is quite strenuous.

Do you find that hard to believe?

Then come and try it! We recommend it and visitors praise it!

Maximum group size is 25 people.

The training is included in the price of the ticket (i.e. the price of the swimming pool / Elamus Spa / Spa21+) and there is no need to buy a separate ticket.


A varied class that combines aerobic and muscle training. This is an ideal workout for those who want to exercise with less stress on the joints and muscles.


A workout in which high-intensity exercises alternate with slower ones (recovery). Good endurance-enhancing workout in water.


A 45-minute effective muscle workout, with specific equipment. The class consists of simple exercises and repetitions. Suitable for beginners and experienced trainees.

Deep water training

Intense, high-energy workout that focuses on strengthening the body and core muscles. Strong core muscles help maintain good posture. For the first time, we STRONGLY recommend arriving 5-7 minutes early so that the instructor can help ensure that the waist belt (for the workout) is properly fastened.


A full-body workout that is highly effective in the development of stamina and co-ordination. Tones all the major muscle groups, burns a lot of calories and gives a lot of energy. Relieves stress. The catchy music makes the workout even more fun.


Mind and body workout in the water using Tai Chi, Pilates and yoga techniques. Emphasis is placed on breathing, feeling the water and achieving correct posture by tensing the core muscles of the body. A session that develops balance, posture and muscle tone. Relaxing.


The session consists of various movements to develop aerobic endurance (running, kicking, hand movements) and exercises to develop muscle strength. The session takes place in the deeper end of the pool. A special belt is placed around the body to keep the body in the water up to the shoulders without the feet reaching the bottom. In water, the body is almost weightless, which means that many different muscle groups are activated, especially the core muscles.