Estonians have always had a tradition of warm saunas to warm the body and soul. You will find plenty of them at Elamus Spa! Warm saunas, refreshing water baths, body nourishing treatments and massages and other experiences.

Elamus Spa (Foto Karen Härms)
Photo: Karen Härms

Spa with the largest selection of saunas in the Baltics

Elamus Spa is the spa with the largest selection of saunas in the Baltics with 22 different saunas, swimming pools and jacuzzis, plenty of sauna rituals and activities for expecting mothers, families, children, adults and elderly gentlemen and ladies.

In 2022, Elamus Spa also became a member of the prestigious Aufguss association, which brings together the world’s best spa and sauna centres. As a member of this association, you have the opportunity to introduce the Estonian sauna culture to other members of the organisation. A delegation from Japan has already visited Elamus Spa and a story about the visit was published in the Japanese Forbes magazine. Membership gives you the opportunity to invite sauna masters from other countries – for example, in January 2023, Ashley Fijma, a world-class sauna master with Norwegian roots and a very beautiful soul, who lives in the Netherlands, came to enjoy our sauna rituals.

Sauna rituals are an experience in their own right

Sauna rituals are an important part of Elamus Spa. For example, the Dream Bridge sauna, where Jaan Tätte’s (a famous Estonian songwriter) songs play in the background as you relax, has a cosy wooded interior and deep relaxation sound rituals with sound bowls, bells and chimes. But the Bath Whisk Sauna, the Mud House and the Cave of Love are just as good. A favourite with female visitors is the Cave of Love, which offers moisturising and rejuvenating rituals using wonderfully scented shea butter. Each sauna has its own special features. After the rituals, the icing on the cake is the chance to jump into the cold pool or, in the snowy winter, straight into the snow.

Elamus Spa (Foto Karen Härms)

What makes the spa even more special is that you can take a sauna until midnight. So there’s no need to worry if you want to stay a bit longer.

Elamus Spa is an abundant sauna centre with a wide range of mythical saunas:

  • A Cloud of Fog, where relaxing puffs of vapour create a mystical ambiance and a relaxing experience.
  • A Salt Temple where you can rub salt into the skin to remove tired skin cells for softer, smoother skin
  • A Mysterious Riverbed where it is lovely to sit by a babbling brook and rest your thoughts.
  • A Pristine Juniper Forest, where the essential aromas of juniper float, helping to strengthen the body’s natural defence system.
  • An Aroma Empire that fills your entire being with soothing puffs of scent.
  • A Twilight inspired by the historic Estonian smoke sauna.
  • A Whisking Honeybee where you can learn the basics of whisking and experience the healing effects of sauna honey.
  • A Japanese Geyser with 42°C healing water.
  • A Sauna Grandpa’s Sanctuary to help connect with the ancient sauna traditions of our ancestors.
  • The Philosopher’s Stone, where wisdom flows to great and small
  • A boat sauna can be enjoyed on the outdoor terrace.

Spa21+ is a true sauna temple, including:

  • The Bath Whisk Sauna, a traditional wood-fired sauna. The warm air currents from the live flames, combined with the humidity, purify the mind and body
  • The Bridge of Dreams is a unique place that hides a piece of nature with sensual aromas.
  • The Mud Hall is a mystical place where you can treat your body with medicinal mud from the Estonian soil.
  • The Cave of Love is a serene and sensual place where you tend to lose track of time and the world feels like such a pleasant place..
  • In a Salt Pillar Sauna, it’s a good idea to take a deep breath and scrub your body with salt to make it feel good.
  • The silvery, glittering vapour clouds of the Magic Nest fill the senses with peace.
  • The Japanese Geyser is a special bathing spot, where 42°C mineral water with healing properties flows.